Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC)

The Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) was founded in 2008 by Boeing, EOS Electro Optical Systems, Evonik Industries, SLM Solutions GmbH and the University of Paderborn.
H&H has been a Tier2 project partner since 2014.

The DMRC is a research centre which draws on the expertise of its industrial and scientific partners with the objective of integrating additive manufacturing processes into the series production process.

Aims of the DMRC:

  • Further develop key technical advancements to be able to make use of Direct Manufacturing (DM) in series production.
  • Integrate and transfer AM technologies to new and existing commercial operations.
  • Promote the corresponding paradigm shift from product-based design to function-based design
  • Train and educate a new generation of engineers
  • Carry out independent market studies and evaluation of methods and processes
  • Perform scenario projections for the future of DM
  • Act as an internationally recognised platform for the transfer of best practices and optimal processes

Current subprojects:

  • Direct Manufacturing Design Rules
  • Direct Manufacturing Design Rules 2.0
  • Costing analysis for additive manufacturing during product lifecycle fatigue strength properties of SLM components
  • FDM part quality manufactured with ULTEM*9085
  • Fused deposition modelling: Improvement of the FDM process quality
  • Determination of material properties by references to a real product optimised for Laser Sintering
  • Opportunities and barriers of Direct Manufacturing technologies for the aerospace industry and adapted others
  • Research strategies for Additive Manufacturing
  • Optimisation of lattice structures manufactured by Selective Laser Melting
  • Product optimisation for the SLM process
  • QM system for DM processes at the DMRC
  • Surface treatment methods

Project partner: