Services and use case

»Quality and innovations are our standard.«

Our services at a glance:

  • Design and optimisation of components and sub-assemblies
  • Manufacturing from prototypes to small batch series
  • Mechanical finishing
  • Post weld heat treatment
  • Quality assurance

Use case

As part of a case study, we developed a demonstration component together with our research partner DMRC to derive the potential of the laser melting process. With the new design for the laser melting process, the weight of the component was reduced by almost 50% compared to the component produced using conventional processes, while the mechanical requirements remained the same. The design is based on topology optimisation and takes into account examples from the field of bionics as well as the required design guidelines for the laser melting process. The use case confirms the huge economic potential of this technology in particular for applications in which the requirements for lightweight construction are high.