Product development for Wincor Nixdorf -
mechatronics and kinematics

In bank and retail branches, the Wincor Nixdorf brand stands for competitive processes and procedures. To achieve this objective, the development and design of reliable cash deposit and withdrawal machines has the highest priority.

The required combination of mechatronics and complex kinematic sequences poses considerable challenges for the CAD expertise of our developers.

This is why H&H is always generating innovative solutions for prototypes and series components. Our own prototype building fits seamlessly into this process. The close cooperation we enjoy with the development departments of Wincor Nixdorf is significant for the success of this commercial relationship.

Project Abil2:

  • Design and manufacture of 20 pilot machines
  • Development of the series control panel
  • Design and manufacture of RIM tools
  • Series production of the operator control panel with innovative lighting technology
  • Series production of mounted components

Project Punt Groc:

  • Series development of an entire automated teller machine
  • Development of design patterns

Project Livelink:

  • Development of a new lighting technology
  • Development of a new door mechanism
  • Development of new sealing concepts
  • Design and manufacture of 10 pilot machines

Development of system components:

  • Design support with regard to component development
  • Development of cash and check handling components
  • Optimisation of complex mechatronic systems
  • Reduced manufacturing costs