NC Milling

The milling tool is capable of moving along 5 axes to any point in the space and removing material from the workpiece. Dialogue control: Heidenhain (e.g. 426) or numeric control (NUM 1060) according to DIN ISO.

Benefits: High-quality surfaces and dimensional accuracy. Capable of producing complex 3D profiles accurately and quickly. Almost all materials are suitable.

An additional benefit: The process offers a high level of flexibility and thus the ability to optimally respond to individual customer requirements.

  • Travel: max. 3500 mm x 5000 mm 2 1250 mm
  • All machinable materials, mostly pattern making materials.


Areas of application:
  • Moulds for laminating or low-pressure injection moulding
  • NC milled parts for prototype manufacture
  • Other milled parts for mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, etc.